Glenturret Buttermilk Scones

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Glenturret Buttermilk Scones Recipe

Recipe contains Gluten, Dairy and Egg (but only when you egg wash the top)

Plain Flour 540 grams

Baking Powder 30 grams

Caster Sugar 40 grams

Salt 8 grams

Chilled Butter 120 grams

Buttermilk 320 grams

  • Sieve all of the dry ingredients together: I like to do this a few times to thoroughly mix all of your ingredients as well as it helping to create a lighter fluffier crumb in your final product.

  • Next crumb your chilled butter through your dry ingredients by gently rubbing the butter in the flour through your finger tips. Continue this process until you can’t see the butter anymore and you’re left with a fine breadcrumb looking mix.

  • Create a small well in the centre of your mix and pour the buttermilk inside while beginning to mix it in either with a spatula or how I like to do it… with my hands! It’s nice to get a little messy every now and then. Continue mixing the dough until all of the flour is incorporated and you’re left with a sticky dough.

  • Lightly dust a tub or tray with some plain flour and transfer your dough inside, lightly dust the top, cover and place in the fridge. Allowing the dough to rest in the fridge will allow any gluten to relax and also allows the flour to properly absorb all of the liquid meaning the dough will be easier to handle. Leave the dough to rest for at least an hour, even if you’re impatient like me wait the hour, this step will really help improve your final product and the ease of handling while rolling and cutting.

  • Next up lightly dust a work-surface with some plain flour and transfer your dough here, without handling the dough too much roll out to approx 1 inch thick. Then you can cut them as you like, I personally like to cut them square, usually 5cmX5cm but feel free to cut them into whatever shape you prefer.

  • Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees centigrade, allow your scones to rest on a baking tray until your oven pre heats. Lightly egg wash your scones, this will give them a beautiful shine on top once baked. When you’re ready pop your scones in the oven and drop the temperature to 160 degrees centigrade. Bake your scones for around 12 minutes. Every oven varies a little so you may need to bake them a little less or a little more.

  • When your scones are out of the oven allow them to cool a little before serving with some clotted cream and your Lalique Afternoon Tea Jam!

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