Our Ethos

Engaging, cosmopolitan Scottish hospitality with a strong sense of heritage and of place.


The transformation of The Glenturret - reimagined through the fine crystal lens of our new French owners LALIQUE – culminated in 2021 with the creation of remarkable new gastronomy and hospitality at the distillery.

A spectacular new LALIQUE Restaurant, Bar, Salon and exclusive Vinoteque – uniquely wrapped in the timeless environment of malt whisky making.


The Glenturret and LALIQUE – two celebrated luxury craft enterprises - are now intertwined.

Both guardians of traditional methods. Both innately creative.

Shared passions. Remarkable provenance.

A truly unique combination.

Provenance Half


LALIQUE bring a well-established gastronomic pedigree - with ownership of two illustrious Michelin-starred properties in Alsace and Bordeaux, and fine wine estates in Bordeaux, Italy and Spain.

Restaurant Lalique


Respectfully building on the distillery’s proud 250 year history and deep Perthshire roots - The Glenturret has evolved.

Elevated by stunning new LALIQUE interiors. Brought to life with truly innovative cooking, world-class wines and sophisticated service.

What hasn’t changed, is our long-established reputation for a warm welcome and genuine Scottish hospitality.

We’ve just added some savoir faire!

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